About MBA Program & Dual Degree MBA- Ph.D.

IIIT-A started its MBA course with specialization in Information Technology in the year 2004, keeping in mind the latest emerging trends in management and future needs of the society. IIIT-A MBA program fosters state-of-the-art approaches to manage the diverse organizational units and settings.

Our MBA program is a dual specialization program (viz: General Management & Functional Areas) which provides graduate students with the advanced knowledge and skills necessary to assume and discharge the duties and responsibilities of managers in high technology industries. Technological advancements have made information management a critical skill for managers at all levels, worldwide. The vast availability of information and explosion of knowledge management tools make accessing information on demand, anytime from anywhere, a new reality need for MBA@ IIITA.

The MBA program prepares a candidate for management positions in a wide range of industries challenged by the complexities of managing information in an era of technological innovation and globalization.

The proliferation of information technologies and the need for managing the flow of information requires a new breed of manager. In addition, students will learn to align technology goals to strategic business goals, design client server applications, develop data communication and networking strategies, assess the business risks and rewards of new information technology, apply reengineering principles to business processes, and understand the role of the technology manager in business planning.

MBA- Ph.D. dual degree program is an initiative taken up by IIIT-A providing scope to aspiring young graduates to take up research positions in industry and academia. This will enable candidates to get MBA and Ph.D. Degree from and institute of repute.

Course Structure



Ø  Financial Accounting & Analysis

Ø  Principles of Management

Ø  Managerial Economics

Ø  Business Statistics

Ø  Business Environment

Ø  Management Information System

Ø  Business Law

Ø  Computer Networks

Ø  Research Methodology

Ø  Financial Management

Ø  Marketing Management

Ø  Operations Research

Ø  Production & Operations Management

Ø  Human Resource Management

Ø  Database Management Systems

Ø  Process Management & Consulting



Ø  Strategic Management

Ø  Data Mining & Warehousing

Ø  Organizational Behavior

Ø  ED & Innovation

Ø  Social Media & Web Analytics

Ø  IT Infrastructure & Service Management

Ø  Elective I

Ø  Elective II

Ø  Summer Training

Ø  Business Intelligence



Ø  International Business Management

Ø  Elective I A

Ø  Elective II B

Ø  Elective IA

Ø  Elective IIB

Ø  Master Project



Electives Basket

Finance Group

  1. International Financial Management
  2. Management of Financial Institutions
  3. Tax Planning & Financial Reporting
  4. Security Analysis & Portfolio Management
  5. Risk Management
  6. M&A Corporate Restructuring

Information Technology Group

  1. SEO
  2. Risk Vulnerability & Physical assessment
  3. System Analysis &Design and S/W Engineering
  4. Software Project Management
  5. IT Strategy & Cloud Computing
  6. Fundamentals of Information Security
  7. Expert System design and Application

Marketing Group

  1. Business Marketing & Key Account Management
  2. Retail Management
  3. International Marketing
  4. Industrial Marketing Digital Marketing
  5. Advertising and Social Media Strategy
  6. Consumer Behavior  & CRM
  7. MoS

Operations Group

  1. Procurement Management & E-Logistics
  2. Material Management and Inventory Control
  3. Project Management
  4. Knowledge Management
  5. TQM and Six Sigma
  6. Mathematical Models for Management decisions
  7. Quality Assurance and Control.

Human ResourceGroup

  1. Emotional Intelligence and Leadership
  2. Employer Brand Building
  3. Strategic HRM
  4. Creativity and Innovation
  5. Training and Development
  6. Group Dynamics

Note: The above course structure is subject to revision as and when needed.


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