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Business Intelligence Lab

Business Intelligence lab has been developed in the department keeping in consideration of student’s interest and academic research in the developing field of Business Intelligence and Web Analytics. The lab houses facilities for students and researchers to work on projects and application covering issues related to data mining, business intelligence, web analytics using:

  1. Big Data
  2. Hadoop and other similar application

The impact would enable developing proficiency among students and also creation of new knowledge through collaboration among faculties and students of different streams of management, technology and allied sectors.

Strategy War Room

Objective of the War Room is to enable the participants to develop vertical skills leading to scenario development and analysis, option evaluation, resource allocation and developing strategies and their implementation. A war room is a meeting room for the purpose of discussing project management. The room is a place where our student teams discuss the development of a plan to specifically and successfully accomplish an assigned project. In addition, they may discuss the resources needed such as man power, budget, timeline and possible challenges to be faced and what can be done about the pitfalls, which may occur. In the room, they also talk about the execution of the project, the step by step process of accomplishing their goal.

Management Clinic

Management Clinic as an outreach initiative of IIIT-Allahabad to help and support Micro & Small Business:

  • To create efficient and effective enterprises through ‘Consulting’ & ‘Process Management’
  • Introducing lean and agile methods / technologies for BPM (Business Process Management)


The IIIT-A central library has a repository of more than 50000 books concerning myriad disciplines of study such as pure and computer science, information technology, information security and management. It can accommodate up to 150 students at a time. The e-media section of the library has 50 computer systems and is largely meant for facilitating e-reading amongst the students. A collection of more than 2000 CDs equipped with drivers, tools and recorded lectures aim at enhancing the conceptual understanding of the students on various subjects and topics. It also proves handy for students who prepare for placements. The in-house developed automated library management system with its web portal provide the facility of accessing the information related to the availability and non-availability of books for issuing and reserving them beforehand. The library also has subscribed to more than 50 daily newspapers, magazines and newsletters. A dedicated team of librarian and staff ensure timely upkeep and smooth management of the resources. The library opens 7 days a week and encourages the reading and academic endeavours of the students

Campus Network

IIITA has a well-established network infrastructure both for the local(LAN) as well as access to the internet. It is a medium sized network and approximately consists of 2000 nodes. The internet is facilitated by dedicated link from National Informatics Centre of 250Mbps including a redundant wireless link of 10Mbps to ensure connectivity in case of technical breakdown. Along with consistent connectivity, IIITA provided native web services to its users like E-Mail, Web Server, Profile service, Cloud file sharing, etc. All these web services and the network are responsibly managed by IIITA’s Network Development Engineering and Management Team,

Sports Facility

IIIT-Allahabad provides an excellent physical activities infrastructure for its residents to ensure that academic development is duly supplemented by sufficient physical development as well. A well maintained football ground – complete with spectator stands serves as the principal venue for most of the sports events organized by “Spirit” – the sports club of IIIT-Allahabad. The institute also provides flood lit basketball, tennis, squash courts, duly marked athletic track and swimming pool to ensure that students have sufficient venues to engage in games of their choice. To further complement these venues, Student Activity Center (SAC) houses a table tennis facility along with a billiards room for those interested in indoor activities.


The institute takes pride in its laboratory facilities which cover all the major aspects of Electronics & Communication and Information Technology. The labs impart sound practical skills to students with numerous projects being researched in them. Students have round the clock access to each of these labs.


The Boys Hostel Campus consisting of BH1, BH2, BH3 and BH4, situated across the road from the main campus, is a vibrant place allotted to the present students and research scholars of the campus. With a residential capacity exceeding 800 and a new hostel BH5 coming up and soon to be operational, the boys hostel campus is the perfect place to be at peace and rest or to put in more of one’s strength and energy when not involved elsewhere in some other pursuit of life which may not include academics. IIIT Allahabad provides hostel facility with a homely environment to the lady scholars of the institute. It consists of three hostels GH1, GH2, GH3 constituting separate air conditioned mess and gym facilities with 24hrs guidance of caretakers. For the all round development, the students can access the facility of basketball court, badminton court. Wardens visit the hostel regularly to monitor and ensure the proper functioning of the hostels and the comfort of the students. Major discussions and activities among the students can be carried out in the common room. Timings are strictly adhered to for the incoming and outgoing of the students for their safety. Regular attendance is taken by the caretaker. Ample green cover all around the residential area provides a visually appealing and healthy environment for the residents. Different festivals and cultural events are celebrated together within the hostel campus in a very friendly and homely atmosphere.

Medical Facility

The health center of the institute is a 24×7 functional body that provides OPD care and first aid facilities for the residents where prompt treatment for ailments and small wounds can be availed. A multi-bed hospital meant for admitting students with greater illness is also maintained. Facilities like ECG and Pathology for basic routine tests on weekdays are also available and can be availed as per need.

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