List of Ph.D. Scholars Enrolled in Department

Sl. No. Roll No. Scholar Name Supervisor Year of
1. RS-78 Mrs. Seema Singh Dr. Anurika Vaish 2010 Residential Leave - ongoing
2. RS-116 Ms. Kavita Singh Dr. Anurika Vaish 2011 Residential Leave - ongoing
3. RS-120 Mr. Purav Parikh Dr. Anurika Vaish 2011 Ongoing
4. RS-147 Ms. Arti Gupta Dr.Vrijendra Singh 2014 Ongoing
5. RS-134 Richa Dubey
6. RS-178 Bhartrihari Pandiya
7. RSM2016001 Shruti Mishra 2016
8. Shwet Agrawal

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